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Troubleshooting Tips

If you're the type to do a little troubleshooting before you call for service, here are some tips. Following these simple steps will be helpful when placing a service call, as the outcome will give us an idea of what to anticipate, and they could save you money.

If you have no heat...

Oil Burner Switch
Emergency Switch

Burner Reset Button
Burner Reset Button

Fuel Gauge
Fuel Gauge

2-pole Circuit Breaker
2-pole Circuit Breaker

• Check that the oil burner emergency switches are on, including the one at the top of the cellar stairs. It has a red switch plate.

• Check the thermostat. Set it 5 degrees above room temperature and see if heat comes on.

• If the reset button on the oil burner is tripped (popped out), press it once to reset it and see if that starts the burner. (Do this only once.)

• Check the fuel gauge to make sure the tank has oil in it. Tap it to make sure the float isn't stuck.

• Check fuses and circuit breakers at the electrical panel.

• Call for service.

Cooling System not working...

• Make sure all switches are in the "on" position.

• Check the circuit breakers. These are usually 2-pole (take up two spaces).

• Check the thermostat. Set it 5 degrees below room temperature and see if cooling system comes on.

• If units are still running but not cooling, it is best to turn them off so as not to cause further damage.

• Call for service. We might be able to give you more advice with the symptoms that you notice.

Heat Pump issues...

• Keep snow clear from around unit.

• Higher then normal power bills sometimes can be an indication of problems.